Adashi helps unbanked and underbanked customers especially MSMEs who have issues accessing formal financial services to save and access credit. With Adashi, we're not only helping the unbanked to save more we've been able to take away the hassles of cumbersome paperwork the agent/collect has to go through on a daily basis. We've taken away the issue of transparency and accountability which are part of the reasons these users don't trust formal financial systems. We then leverage on the thrift collectors model customers are already used to. Currently, both the unbanked and thrift collectors are forced to rely on an age-long method of savings and credit. The overall goal of Adashi is to expand access to basic financial services for the 40 million unbanked Nigerians and businesses who are unable to access credit by helping them build an alternative credit history source. Additionally, we hope to encourage those who have trouble saving to keep money. We also allow low-income earners to save for big items e.g. invest in land, buy cars, or pay for other big-life events such as rent, school fees, a new laptop, medical expenses, etc. in an easy and affordable manner.