Posads Nigeria

For MSME brands who desire to enjoy the reach of out-of-home advertising, Posads provides POS kiosks with LED screens for advertising digital content. The Problem • Out-of-home advertising, regardless of its immense benefits, has become a no-go area for MSME brands because of its high cost. • Currently, no easy way exists for MSME advertisers to enjoy the benefits of out-of-home advertising or for individuals to get into the business of out-of-home advertising. Our Solution Our approach to this challenge is the creation and distribution of the Posads kiosk through which POS merchants can • advertise digital content; • save money for MSME brands; and • make money at the same time The Product To advertise on Posads kiosks, brand owners simply • upload their campaign through Posads’ app or website; • choose kiosks that best serve their interests; and • choose a billing plan that best meets their advertising goals and budget.