Crox Technologies Ltd

Croxapp is a peer-to-peer (P2P) parcel delivery platform that was created to address the challenges of traditional courier services in Nigeria. It connects individuals who need to send parcels with trusted and verified individuals who are already traveling in the same direction as the parcel's destination. This innovative platform allows users to send parcels at a reduced cost and time, while also providing an opportunity for individuals to earn cash by picking up and delivering parcels on their way to their destination. In addition to its parcel delivery service, Croxapp also features a money transfer feature called SHOW LOVE, enabling users to easily send , receive money and create giveaways promoting financial inclusion. One of the main problems that Croxapp is solving is the challenge of costly and time-consuming parcel deliveries in Nigeria. Traditional courier services can be expensive and slow (wastes time and resources picking up Parcels, merry-go-round the City picking up other Parcels before setting out to drop off one after the other.), making it difficult for individuals and businesses to send parcels. Croxapp's innovative P2P delivery model provides an affordable and convenient solution to this problem, with users able to send parcels quickly and at a reduced cost. Croxapp's business model is built around its parcel delivery and money transfer services. The company earns revenue by taking a percentage of each transaction made on its platform. This allows Croxapp to monetize its services while still providing affordable and accessible solutions to its users. Overall, Croxapp is an innovative and impactful product that is addressing key challenges in the Nigerian market.