Problem: According to the Global Facility of Disaster Risk & Recovery (GFDRR) stated that; The adversity of climate change, extreme weather and natural disaster such as flooding kept persisting with no specific date/time to halt. Alone flood disaster has been a major devastator globally, it has accounted for about 71% of all-related to natural disaster and yet remains the most frequent disaster with 45% frequency of occurrences affecting about 5.6 billion vulnerable people globally and 121 million Nigerian both directly/indirectly. Most of this vulnerable populations and communities live across flood corridors, they live with no/less in-depth knowledge of the about the impending disaster (flood), nor do they have access to any disaster risk management and early warning intelligence to help them prepare early, thrive/survive, respond to such emergency, recover back and strengthened their resilience against such impending catastrophic threat. Solution: We combine technology & nature-based approach to develop an all-round solution to the stated problem, the solution is called "FLOEWS". However, the solution is divided into 2 parts mainly; Mitigation & resiliency segments: FLOEWS for Resiliency: FLOEWS is an all-round novel & multi-patented solution that monitors and forecast flood disaster imminence, thereby disseminating the forecast as an early warning intelligence to vulnerable individuals, communities, businesses and economies, WHY? for early preparedness, awareness, emergency response, speedy recovery and strengthening path to their overall resilience, towards the reduction in devastation among lives, valuable properties, utility & infrastructure, biodiversity, food/water security, water-borne epidemic and overall economic losses estimated in Billions $USD. This information is critical and vital to vulnerable populations, businesses and communities by helping government, decision makers, emergency first responders, humanitarian/public safety agencies gain a better understanding of where to focus effort to prevent, protect against, and mitigate the effect of the complex threats and hazards. FLOEWS equip them with data-driven insights to better respond to and recover from the threats that pose the greatest risk keeping communities safe. FLOEWS for Flood Mitigation: FLOEWS utilizes the power of earth observation using network constellations Satellites, Sensors, UAV's, crowdsource, Geo-AI, Machine Learning, Analytics to help identify potential flood vulnerable geographies and populations, thereby, using FLOEWS Ai Advisory to recommend the mitigation strategy needed to help curb the impending or persisting catastrophe. The mitigation recommendation by the Ai Advisory suggests either a GRAY INFRASTRUCTURE such as Dam, Levee, culvert, drainage system, sewer storm etc. or GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE (nature-based) such as Mangroves and Peatlands which are flood repellent while holding largest carbon sequestration capability. FLOEWS Ai Advisory monitors, identifies, assess & analyze the health status of existing peatlands and mangroves vegetation cover based on level of degraded and healthiness, thereby, suggesting restoration for the degraded and conservation for the healthy mangroves and peatlands. It also floods vulnerable areas with higher vulnerability but yet possess the potential of regenerating the land as peatland and growing mangroves to redact & repel flood, while sequestrating carbon in larger quantity.