Junkyard Techlogistics Ltd

Junkyard is a startup that combines fintech and sustainability to provide a recycling and financing system to its users. Junkyard is a digital solution that aims to positively impact the environment and climate ecosystem by using technology to drive proper waste and refuse management. This solution connects users (citizens) to waste collectors/recyclers in real time around their location for sustainable waste collection and value exchange. With Junkyard mobile app and web platform, we provide convenience for citizens to dispose and earn from their plastic waste in real time via our digital platforms. Junkyard has several key functions and components that make it effective at promoting recycling and reducing environmental degradation. Scheduling: Through the app, residents can easily find their nearest recycling operator and schedule a pick-up or drop-off for their recyclable materials. This ensures that recycling is convenient and hassle-free, encouraging more people to participate. Rewards: In return for their recycling efforts, residents earn passive income through monetary rewards, incentivizing them to continue recycling and do their part to keep the environment clean and safe. Tracking: The app tracks the amount of recycling being done by each resident, allowing them to monitor their own progress and see the positive impact of their efforts. Data: The app also provides extensive data to recycling operators on waste hotspots and where to explore for recycling activities.