Xchange Box Solutions Ltd

We are providing both credit access and payments/collections for mostly women-led cornershops where women sell consumables and petty trading by giving them as low as 100 USD weekly repayable credit to sustain their trading subject to increase based on records of repayment verifiable through our payment platform via Card Reading devices given to them for receiving payments. credit worthiness records (based on repayments and transactions volumes) for rural communities cornershops. Our model is to give an average of 100 USD to 200 USD in credit to cornershops in rural communities for restocking their inventory and grow their sales at a moderate charge of 0.5% of the sum advanced which are repaid fully at the end of the week. Our platform uses data intelligence to determine how much a trader can access. We onboard by giving them a Point of Sale/Card Reader device for their payments and collections and based on their volumes of transactions, the platform called PayRep and downloadable via Playstore and IOS determines how much can be accessed which is to be repaid weekly. We also charge 0.5% for their collections and give Aggregators who recruit them across communities and manage them via a given platform on our PayRep application 0.1% of their transactions to enlist them perpetually to advance our growth. We have a PSSP License for Super Agents from the Central Bank of Nigeria which legitimizes our operations in Nigeria