IjebuMarket is end-to-end Procurement Platform for Food & Agricultural commodities for Manufacturers, Exporters & Bulk Buyers. IjebuMarket is Supply-Chain operating system for Manufacturers, Exporters and bulk buyers to procure food and agricultural commodities efficiently from farmers & producers. It connects all critical infrastructure across the value chain providing visibility & efficiency. Manufacturers, exporters & bulk buyers connect to iJebuMarket operating system for supply chain efficiency which reduces their cost of inputs. Farmers & aggregators connect to IjebuMarket operating system for guaranteed market access, increased revenue & reduced post harvest losses. A Fully Integrated Platform that efficiently manages procurement of food & agricultural commodities. Marketplace + Infrastructure + Technology So Manufacturers can schedule their weekly & monthly consumption of food & agricultural commodities and pickup at the nearest warehouse or have them delivered to their factories or warehouses with overall visibility on the entire supply chain. So farmers can connect to sell their harvest and have our logistics pickup or they drop it off at our nearest warehouse as recommended on the IjebuMarket platform that they can access from their devices.