HostVille Nigeria Enterprises Limited

We’ve observed that SMEs and Tech in Africa and around the world face several challenges that need to be addressed. SMEs face challenges like cost and Access to Resources as limited financial means can hinder SMEs from acquiring the necessary technological tools and expertise needed to grow their business. Ready Marketplace & Visibility is another challenge these SMEs face, as the lack of adequate visibility hinders them from reaching a broader customer base and compete effectively. Additionally, Ease of Use & Ongoing Tech Support is another problem SMEs face as oftentimes available solutions aren’t user-friendly and lack reliable support. Lastly, SMEs face challenges in Automating tasks and Outsourcing their business processes. Addressing these issues is essential to empower SMEs in leveraging technology to drive growth and overcome their unique challenges. Our E-commerce marketplace presents MSMEs around the world with game-changing potential. Over the years we have made significant progress in building and solving these problems SMEs face. Our number one goal from our inception has been the development of freely available software that offers a comprehensive and easy- to-use set of features for SMEs . Our E-commerce marketplace provides SMEs with features like Products, Invoicing & Records. These features provide SMEs with the necessary tools to efficiently track and monitor their sales activities on a monthly basis. With the product management feature, SMEs can easily showcase and organize their offerings, enabling them to effectively present their products to potential customers. The invoicing feature streamlines the process of generating and managing invoices, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery. An added feature to the platform is the Integrated Payment. SMEs can receive payment through online payment gateways and bank transfers for their products with ease. We have partnered with financial service providers to ensure all transactions on the e-commerce marketplace are seamless and secure. This means that once an order is placed, SMEs can receive payment instantly, allowing for efficient order processing. Shipping and logistics have also been integrated to the platform as a standard feature. Once an order is placed and approved, a delivery vehicle is automatically arranged to collect the order for shipping. This feature eliminates the need for SMEs to handle the complexities of shipping and logistics independently, further simplifying their business processes. We’ve also Integrated close Support for non tech users to ensure any problem encountered while using the platform is resolved in the shortest possible time frame, and over the next few months we are working to make this multi-lingual. Additionally, we offer White-labelled hub system so each hub can create a unique marketplace but still have interconnectivity with other hubs and take infrastructure costs. We can rapidly deploy a fully operational multi-tenant white-labeled system for a new partner within an hour, allowing for efficient scalability. We learned from early off-takers the importance of a minimum viable product. These experiences helped us understand the specific needs and preferences of different customer segments and adapt our approach accordingly.