The Profit app by myStash is a tool for business finance management. The app allows business owners to develop a budget for their business, track their business expenses seamlessly, and monitor cash flow. With the Profit app, a business owner can fix percentages to be set aside anytime your customers pay for your product or service. For example, you can set to save 40% of every sale as Profit, 10% towards your Shop Rent, and 20% towards your Staff Salaries. The remaining (30%) is then returned to your business account as working capital. You also earn interest on your budgeted savings, and you can save in Dollars to protect the value of your money and preserve your wealth against currency fluctuations. Additionally, their saving habit is used to credit score them, which enables easier access to loan services. This is a great additional benefit especially for female business owners, some of whom are unable to access loans because they do not have collateral assets like land or other expensive assets. So far, myStash has empowered over 5,000 business owners.