BuySimply Services Limited

BuySimply is a Finance OS for African MSMEs. The platform handles their expense records, budget tracking, approval workflows, cash disbursements and payee notification on the same platform for SMEs. Over 20 million SMEs struggle with manual accounts reconciliation & record keeping resulting in millions of lost hours and money – over $1B is lost annually due to fraud. Because they don’t have good records, their access to banks is limited. Therefore, they are forced to loan who wipe out what is left of their profits. Poor record keeping creates tax issues – they either overpay or under pay (risking fines). They know they can do better. But is it hard because transaction records (including approval to spend), cash disbursements (transfer of funds), expense records and budget tracking are managed on different systems. Our system, based on our perspective, causes the action of disbursement (paying a supplier or employee or regulator) to updates expense records, updates the budget, and notifies the payee. This eliminates redundancy across systems, increases record-keeping compliance, and enables business managers and owners to better manage their business. This product is designed for SME owner-managers. It’s not complicated like other tools that are intended by accounts for accountants. It is super flexible. Set up takes 5 minutes and is incredibly easy to use. We built it for SMEs, which is why owner-managers keep referring us to each other.