Brickify Ltd

Brickify recycles plastic waste into water, fire, and heat resistant lumber and “lego” bricks used to make chairs and tables as well as to construct low-cost houses respectively. The bricks are stronger, cheaper, and have price stability as compared to other options such as timber, cement produce, etc. Our mission is to tackle plastic waste as well as homelessness. The bricks work in a lego-like manner i.e. they interlock and do not need additional materials added to them when being used for construction. They are made up of 90% of plastic waste and other ingredients that give them great strength and fire-resistant properties. The bricks are 30 – 50% cheaper than conventional bricks. Our focus is on helping to achieve the Sustainable Developmental Goals 1,4,8,9, 10, 11, 12, and 17 (No Poverty, Quality education, Decent Work, and Economic growth, Reduced inequalities, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible Consumption. We collect the plastic waste from surrounding environments, households, small businesses and process the waste in our factory into bricks. Our customers range from government to non governmental organizations as well as religious bodies, international institutions etc. Our solution can be used to build schools, low cost residential houses, kiosks, toilets etc