Stem Ennovation Hub

Problem Definition: Nigeria's growing population and rapidly expanding economy are driving up energy demand, while the power supply remains unreliable and inadequate to meet the needs of the population. According to reports, Nigerians spend 5 Trillion Naira (14 billion USD) annually on backup generators which are polluting and very expensive. Also the high cost of installing and maintaining sustainable power generation equipment and infrastructure like Solar, by households and businesses also limits access to reliable electricity. Solution Details: Our EaaS solution offers customers access to reliable electricity with our hardware, which includes a portable power station kit with a built-in battery and inverter that can supply both AC and DC based on the user's needs, and a smart meter that reads the power consumed by the user and regulates the power supplied to the user based on their subscription. The smart meter can be monitored via an IoT dashboard. Our customers benefit from not having to invest in and maintain their own power generation equipment and infrastructure, the customer pays only for ongoing services and avoids infrastructure and equipment charges.