Make Maker

Make Maker develops STEM Kits to boost students' academic performance and unlock their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The Kit provides students with a complete understanding of science concepts through project-based learning. A single kit can be used to create over 100 science projects. The STEM kits are tailored to solve the problems of boring theoretical science classes and difficulties explaining complex scientific concepts in classrooms. The product encourages students to pursue science careers. The STEM kits are designed for children aged 9 - 18. It comes with manual instructions coupled with video tutorials that break down complex science concepts into bits for students to understand easily. All our STEM kits are developed using the school curriculum. This ensures the kits are classroom friendly and can assist teachers in teaching. Our product includes an Electronics STEM Kit and a Robotics STEM Kit. The Electronics STEM Kit contains 25 Electronics components including resistors, transistors, and potentiometers which are used to create more than 50 electronics circuits or experiments. The Kit is designed to teach students the basics of electronics engineering. The Electronics Kit covers the topics in Ohms Law, Switches, Diodes, Transistors, Buzzer, and many more. The kit comes with an instruction manual and video tutorials that encourage kids to learn outside their classroom. The Robotics STEM Kit teaches students the fundamentals of Robotics motion. Students would build robots of varying forms, functions, and mechanisms. The Robotics kit allows for the construction of 10 robot motions involving walking, jumping, climbing, and many more. The Robotics Kit allows students to understand the relationship between linear, joint, and circular movements in the development of Robots. Our products are developed in our facility. The product development starts with a digital model and simulation. The products are created using digital manufacturing machines (3D Printers, Laser cutters, and CNC Machines) Our products are sold at 30 USD (21000 Naria)