Clean Tech Incubation and Acceleration Foundation

Clean Tech Incubation and Acceleration Foundation has developed a Solar Backpack, it is portable, lightweight and easy to charge devices and gadgets on the go, making them accessible to people living in remote and rural areas. PawaPack - our solar backpack caters for basic electricity needs of users with limited power supply and people who need to charge their devices on-the-go. Additionally, the device is affordable and environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy use. This innovation is different from other solutions as it focuses specifically on underserved and unserved communities. This helps to charge their lanterns and other gadgets and power their houses at night. Especially for the students to enable them to study and focus on their school work at night. This also provides a good substitute for those working in these communities as well as artisans to function more effectively. The Solar backpack has a battery storage which stores the energy after being charged in the sun and lasts for as long as 10 hours. It's build-up comprises of : *20L Backpack *6W Polycrystalline Panel *Output Current: 300-500mA *Battery Capacity: 25,000mAH *Max Output Voltage: 5V;