Hebronplug is an e-commerce startup designed to provide a digital marketplace to connect vendors and their potential customers, so they can trade products and services. These vendors are university students who own businesses, and then the potential customers are anyone in need of such a product or service being offered within and outside the Communities. With the vision to expand, our early adopters will be Covenant University, as we work to incorporate product and service providers among other universities across Nigeria. The product is already being tested and used in the Covenant University community. Hebronplug identified short-lived businesses in The Covenant University community and depreciation in student-owned businesses and services. To combat this we have included a host of exciting features such as a shopping space where vendors can get to list their products under the respective categories, a secured payment integration, which reduces the hassle of physical payment, a blog feature to help people in the creative space express themselves, a service page, which offers a range of skilled help offered by students and most importantly the transport booking feature that allows students to make reservations for their transportation home at the end of the semester, as well solving the issue of logistics when conveying persons, goods or services. All these is done with the goal to serve and provide these services to varsity students who own businesses across Nigeria. We've also implemented a similar product or franchise at Afe Babalola University