DigitAgric Integrated Limited

DigitAgric is a circular agribusiness that aggregate agricultural wastes and crop residues from food processing companies, abattoirs, poultry farms and smallholder farmers. We transform these wastes into two different products such as organic fertilizer and biochar that do not only double the yields of farmers, renew degraded soils but also stay/last longer in the soil. Biochar: This produced from rice husk, coconut husk etc that instead of being burnt, are transformed through a smokeless process into a carbon rich format. In doing so, we avoid greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting biochar brings life back to degraded soils. Biochar based fertilizer: This combines biochar and other organic nutrients from organic materials. It has been one of the approaches adopted to solve the issue of poor soil health and food insecurity. It helps regenerate degraded soils and increase yields by conserving nutrients, hosting beneficial microorganisms and retaining soil moisture.