Financial inclusion for Waste Pickers & Sorters: RyzaPay™ enables true financial inclusion for waste pickers and sorters. Through our network of RyzaPay Agents, waste pickers and sorters can get bank accounts (Tier 1 accounts that don’t require Banking Verification Number – BVN) created for them where they are in less than 2minutes. This enables them to save and plan their future better. Through our partnership with Heirs Insurance, we can also provide microinsurance packages for the waste pickers and sorters. This helps to integrate them into the formal economy. Easy & standardized micropayments from Waste Aggregators to Pickers & Sorters: Waste aggregators can make quick bulk payments daily of even small amounts to the waste pickers and sorters under them. We also help to standardize the pay received by waste pickers and sorters irrespective of their gender. This ensures that women earn equal pay as their male counterparts.