STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. This project seeks to teach young girls and women between ages 10-30 skills in science and technology. Technology is the future of work; many young Nigerians are upskilling in technology in order to be relevant and employable. Several organisations have moved from manual and traditional methods of operation to digital technology. Activities such as data entry and storage, service delivery, meetings, mailing and messaging, and soon have been replaced by their digital counterparts. Although Nigeria is a developing country and academic and professional educational institutions have begun to rise to the task of empowering young people to become ready for the future of work, there is not enough focus on young people with disabilities. HerSTEM aims to address the issue of lack of access to quality technology education that young women and girls with disabilities face. We plan to make use of a well-detailed and up-to-standard curriculum to guide our teachers in equipping the women and girls appropriately. There are very few female role models in the STEM for women and girls, and even fewer for persons with disabilities. Popular culture and mass media has reinforces the belief that girls and women can’t, or shouldn’t, succeed in STEM. Under-representation of women within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields are due to the combination of social, cultural and psychological factors such as gender bias especially in Nigeria. Throughout the world, science and technology fields are dramatically expanding and this is true in developed countries, as well as in developing countries where these skills and knowledge could provide significant employment opportunities for girls and women with disabilities. STEM education affords women and girls with disabilities the opportunity to pursue further education and future employment in these fields, as well as providing them with the skills to perform daily financial and household tasks, or work in microfinance programs.