"Katisbo-AI" is an exciting and comprehensive system designed to support farmers in Nigeria with market tracking, decision-making, and insurance services. By integrating advanced AI technology, Katisbo-AI aims to empower farmers by providing them with valuable insights and tools to enhance their farming operations. One of the key features of Katisbo-AI is its ability to track market value patterns. This feature allows farmers to stay updated on market trends, understand price fluctuations, and make informed decisions regarding their agricultural produce. By having access to this information, farmers can strategically plan their production, adjust crop choices, and optimize their selling strategies to maximize profitability. The system's predictive capabilities are particularly beneficial for farmers. By leveraging AI algorithms and analyzing historical data, Katisbo-AI can predict annual sales and crop yields. These predictions enable farmers to better plan their resources, manage their inventories, and make informed decisions regarding planting, harvesting, and selling their produce. With access to accurate predictions, farmers can optimize their operations and improve their financial planning. Moreover, Katisbo-AI provides farmers with access to affordable insurance options, including both pre and post-harvest coverage. This is crucial for mitigating risks and protecting farmers against potential losses caused by unforeseen events such as extreme weather conditions, pests, diseases, or market fluctuations. By having access to affordable insurance, farmers can safeguard their investments, enhance their financial security, and focus on sustainable farming practices.