Amthron Limited

H2MCS is a Web and Mobile Application that takes detail tracking of the day-to-day activities of:  Patients’ Chronological Medical Documentation  Medical Professionals that is, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Medical Lab Scientists, Deiners, Sanitary Inspectors and so on (both in Private and Government owned Health Centres).  Pharmaceutical Stores (Government or Private owned).  Medical Laboratories.  Equipment and Tools at the Health Centres both in private and government owned facilities (including New, Obsolete, Re-equipment, & ones waiting to be Acquired).  Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Distributors of Drugs.  Blood Bank Services in its detail.  Birth, Mortality, and efforts of Morticians’ services both in the private and government owned facilities. ……and so much more Take drug “X”, for example; either by brand or by composition, if you want to know how many drugs “X” will have in circulation as of this moment, you will able to know:  The brands in circulation.  Who manufacturer them.  When they are manufactured.  When they are supposed to expire.  Who distributed them  The pharmaceutical store that have them in stock (whether privately or government owned)  The amount or number of X that have been dispensed  Who they are dispensed to  The Doctor that prescribed the drug (or if the X was picked across the counter without Doctors’ prescription) and  For what ailment has the drug been dispensed for The system of detail finding applies to patients as well. Patients can go to anywhere in Africa to continue treatment. The Patients’ record would be there waiting. The Doctor there would know:  The Doctors that have been consulting for the Patient.  The array of drugs and procedure recommended.  …….and many other information about the patient, whether the patient enter the health facility consciously or unconsciously.