CARETRACE Nigeria Limited

CareTrace is a platform that helps small healthcare providers and pharmacies in Nigeria manage patients with diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions. It does this by collecting and organizing patient data, monitoring patients remotely, and generating insights from the data. Here are some of the challenges that healthcare providers in Nigeria face when managing patients with chronic conditions: - It can be difficult to keep track of patient data, as it is often spread across different systems and documents. - It can be difficult to monitor patients remotely, as they may not have access to the necessary technology. - It can be difficult to generate insights from patient data, as it can be complex and difficult to understand. CareTrace addresses these challenges by providing a centralized platform for patient data, enabling remote monitoring, and generating insights from the data. This allows healthcare providers to: Easily access and update patient records. Intervene early if a patient's condition changes. Make better decisions about patient care. CareTrace is a valuable tool for healthcare providers in Nigeria, as it can help them to improve the quality of care for patients with chronic conditions. With a single laptop computer in a small hospital, and a trained CARETRACE data entry agent, the clinic or pharmacy will be able to enter all its patient data into CARETRACE digital health record and this will allow the clinic to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions, and improve the overall management of chronic conditions in Nigeria.