Esusu Africa

Esusu Online: Digital Thrift and Credit Platform for MSMEs in Nigeria The MSME sector is one of the most important sectors of the Nigerian economy pivotal for improving growth as well as reducing poverty levels. The sector contributes almost 50% of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and more than 50 million employment opportunities. In Nigeria, the MSME sector has not been able to deliver on its potential due to several critical challenges such as obtaining finance, finding customers to transact with, infrastructure deficit (such as power and transport shortages), insufficient cashflows/working capital, multiple taxations, unskilled workforce, regulatory challenges among others. There is a huge MSME financing gap that exists in sub-Saharan Africa; according to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), 51% of formal MSMEs cannot access credit from formal sources. Despite the proliferation of credit providers in Nigeria - both regulated and non-regulated - the financing gap for MSMEs in Nigeria persists due to several issues inability to fulfill requirements (financial records, collateral), Manual/rigid credit reporting system, High default rate, Manual KYC verification process, Lack of financial management skills, High default rate, Lack of market linkages, etc. It has become very important to facilitate an inclusive financial system that seamlessly avails credit to MSMEs irrespective of their size of operations, category, and availability of traditional collateral requirements to boost the economy, reduce poverty levels, and provide job opportunities. Esusu Online is a digital platform designed to simplify access to microcredit leveraging thrift savings schemes, validating KYC data and reviewing their credit worthiness towards enhancing the delivery of digital financial services to the last mile. The solution explores cloud and mobile payment technology to enhance transactions of the scheme. The system also provides members and management of the schemes with instant information on any transaction made and it guarantees security of data and information.