Qwique Technology Limited

Qwique is a technology-driven on-demand food delivery service based in Lagos, Nigeria, specializing in efficient last-mile logistics solutions for a variety of goods, including food, groceries, packages, and more. Utilizing dispatch bikes and advanced technology systems, Qwique aims to be the leading local delivery service in Lagos, providing reliable and customer-centric solutions. Our solution has a three-fold impact on the communities we serve. Firstly, we address waste reduction by partnering with recycling companies. Customers are rewarded for proper disposal of plastic waste, mitigating the increase in plastic waste caused by home delivery of meals. Secondly, we prioritize reducing the carbon footprint. Our technology optimizes delivery routes for the shortest distance, minimizing carbon emissions. Additionally, we plan to incorporate electric bikes in the future, completely eliminating any form of carbon emission. Lastly, Qwique contributes to decent work and economic growth, particularly in a country like Nigeria with a high unemployment rate of 37%. Our last-mile service creates job opportunities for people in the community, providing them with decent employment. By localizing our solution, we inspire more individuals to start their own businesses with lower costs for space and marketing. This, in turn, generates job opportunities for delivery riders.